Is the SEC Festival for me?

If you are the kind of coach, athlete or leader who believes mental training is just as important to your team as lifting weights, that emotional awareness has to be practiced and that developing into a peak performer means more than just getting bigger, stronger and faster – that who you are as a person actually matters AND can unlock your full potential… you are SEC.

What will I get from being at this event?

You will learn what happens to your athletic performance AND life when you align your mind, body and spirit. On a tactical level, you might learn things like:

  • How to break though to your inner voices and create new emotions to turbo-charge your performance
  • What energy psychology is and why it matters to athletes and coaches
  • How to access flow consciousness while competing
  • The mental and emotional training tools used by championship coaches
  • How to transmute obstacles into energy that fuels high performance
  • And more!
What is the event format?

The weekend starts with the entire community coming together during a reception and keynote presentation on Friday evening. Then on Saturday and Sunday there are two different types of sessions taking place:

  • Breakout sessions – experiential and hands-on, these sessions are led by leaders who are truly on the leading edge of sports, energy and consciousness
  • Panels – true to typical panel formate, these will be roundtable discussions with leaders in the field/topic and moderated by a member of the SEC Group

You are free to choose your schedule through the entire weekend and attend the combination of sessions that aligns with your personal intention for the weekend!

Where is the event and where should I stay?

Based in San Rafael, California the festival takes place at Dominican University.

We recommend staying at a local hotel or Airbnb if you’ll be traveling from out of state. Links to the best of both options can be found here:

Who will I meet at this event?

Such an incredibly diverse group of people!

The Sports, Energy and Consciousness community includes former pro athletes, hall of fame coaches, recreational yogis, triathletes, olympians, energy workers, futurists, biohackers, spiritual seekers, researchers of all kinds and everyday people who just love learning more about what happens to our mind, body and spirit when we compete in sports.

What if we Embraced Sport as a Gateway to Higher States of Consciousness?

Spend three days with a visionary group of athletes, coaches, healers, researchers and catalysts who share the belief that sport is a vehicle for elevating global consciousness when we train our mind, body and spirit together.


Leverage the power of cutting-edge visualization and mindfulness practices to drop you into a primed state of performance.


What does an athlete’s body optimized to the bleeding edge of human potential look, and perform like? We’ll show you.


Consciousness and an athlete’s sense of self are critical in unleashing their potential during performance. We’ll show you why.